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Book in advance

When you book online in advance it’s easier and quicker. Booking for upcoming events give you a better price. If you book any vehicle in advance, the company will give you a suitable car that you demand and also provide you discount.

Check prices frequently

Just like when you search for flights it pays to check prices frequently as they do change – different days can have different rates. Compared to flights, the great thing about renting a car is that reservations often times can be canceled and re-booked.

Adjust Pick-Up and Drop-Off Times

When you search for affordable rental cars online, the drop-off and pick-up times are typically in half hour increments. Try tweaking these times and see if it affects your rates.

Book the smallest vehicle you’ll need

Think before that what type of vehicle suits you well. Sure, it might be fascinating to go for luxury car, but always think fuel consumption and the practicalities of your car. Don’t go small and cheap if you like luxury or big.

Avoid the airport

If you rent a car from airport, it will be a very expensive cost for you. Car Rental companies provides better rates way to airport and pass them along to the customer.

Save on a days rental

Off-airport locations are typically cheaper than airport locations (they tack on fees). Look in nearby neighborhood locations to save money. Just make sure the downtown branch is not on the outskirts of the city limits meaning a long and costly taxi ride.

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